This was such a beautiful, inspiring film! You all have restored my faith in humanity!
— Leslie S., Boston MA
Absolutely brilliant film, must see! Such an inspiration.
— Gabra Z., New York NY
I am still trying to form the words to say how this documentary moved every cell in my body. Saying this piece of work was inspiring would be a complete understatement. Every person needs to experience this movie and if they did, the world might change. WOW!
— Carrie F, New York, NY
If you want real, go see Thao’s Library. If you want raw, go see Thao’s Library. If you want to rave about a film go see Thao’s Library!!!
This film is simply a must see. It’s filled with life, love, learning, & laughter...who would want to miss out on that?! My cup runneth over in friendship & inspiration. Thao’s Library is without a doubt the best film I have ever seen.
— Kali S., New York, NY
Go see Thao’s Library - one of the most extraordinary documentaries I have seen in years.
— Laurie D., Twitter
I loved absolutely every second of the film.
— Jason M, Pittsburgh, PA
If you are looking for something to do this weekend, there’s this extraordinary independent movie, Thao’s Library, beautiful story, that touches your heart in so many ways; story of courage, healing, love and life.... Lots of pain and lots of love in it. It plays at AMC 24 Disney just for couple of days. Go see it! It will make your heart full.
— Iwona B., Orlando , FL
What a courageous and beautiful story told by an empowering individual Elizabeth Van Meter. A timely story of unselfish love and heroism — from one person to another. Definitely a film that you need... as much as it needs you. Please support and help yourself in the process.
— Justin F, New York, NY
Thoroughly moved and engaged by this remarkable story! Brava to everyone involved!
— - Michael S., New York NY
Sending standing ovations your way. It is a beautiful amazing documentary.
— Mary K, Phoenix, AZ
Loved it soo much! I am trying to spread the word so others can see the beauty in your friendship and giving!
— Andrea C., Orlando FL
Thao’s Library was exactly the uplift I needed after a tiresome few months. So much love packed in one film. See it if you can!
— - Conor P., New York NY
Absolutely amazing documentary!! Thao’s library definitely a movie to see!
— Jason D, New York, NY
This film is a beautiful portrait of the lives of two very separate women coming together to create a moving and unexpected bond. Witnessing Elizabeth Van Meter’s bold choices in the face of unspeakable emotional pain made me want to do more with my life. Watching she and Thao fall in love made me want to make more of my relationships.
It was beautiful on every level and I am inspired.
— Tiffany C, Durham NC
I can’t tell you how much Thao’s Library struck me, as I just saw the very first screening here in Burbank. I plan to go a couple more times this weekend with friends, so maybe then I’ll be able to put into words how much it has affected me and how impressed I am. Right now I just feel like I’ve been kicked in the stomach (in a good way).
— Drek L, Los Angeles, LA
Thao’s Library, amazing inspiration and a beautiful gift to our world.
— - Way Z., New York NY
A wonderful story that should be shared with all. Go see it!
— - Blaze M., New York NY
Absolutely inspiring and moving, both Thao and Elizabeth’s journey and friendship is so beautiful. GO SEE IT!
— Stacy S, New York, NY
Do yourself a favor and run, don’t walk, to the AMC theater in your city, and watch “Thao’s Library.” Amazing is all I can say.
— Frank P., New York, NY
So in awe. Thao’s Library is incredible and life-changing!
— - Victoria M., New York NY
A beautiful tribute to two beautiful lives, and the thread that connects them.
— Holly T, New York, NY
OMG!! Thao’s Library is amazing!!! I am so moved and inspired!! I think every teenager in American should watch this film!
— Colleen Y, Minneapolis, MN
Incredible documentary. The epitome of not knowing whether to laugh or cry or both at the same time.
— Kevin S, New York, NY
It’s a wonderful movie and I can’t keep thoughts of Thao out of my head. She is truly inspirational.
— - Christopher C., Seattle WA
In a few simple words: such an incredible accomplishment!
— Chad A, Pittsburgh, PA
I’ve had family and close friends take their own lives. It’s hard and confusing and never ever goes away. Last night while watching Thao’s Library, I saw the path, not just to cope, but to engage in making sense of what to do next when your loved one leaves you.
I can’t quite keep it off my mind.
— Randy R., Brentwood, TN
Such an amazing experience to see Elizabeth Van Meter’s documentary. This film is nothing short of BRILLIANT. Such a phenomenal story and film! #thaoslibrary #inspirational
— Victoria M, New York, NY

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