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THAO'S LIBRARY Opens October 16-22 in AMC Independent Theatres Nationwide

BOSTON: Boston Common 19  |  NEW YORK: Empire 25  |  NYACK: Palisades 21  |  PHILADELPHIA: Neshaminy 24  |  WASHINGTON DC: Hoffman 22

PITTSBURGH: Waterfront 22  |  CHICAGO: River East 21  |  DALLAS: Firewheel 18  |  HOUSTON: Studio 30  |  MIAMI: Sunset 24

ORLANDO: Disney 24  |  TAMPA: Veterans 24  |  LOS ANGELES: Burbank 8  |  SAN DIEGO: Fashion Valley 18  |  PHOENIX: Deer Valley 30  

SAN FRANCISCO: Metreon 16  |  SEATTLE: Alderwood 16   |  DENVER: Westminster Promenade 24

KANSAS CITY: Town Center 20  |  MINNEAPOLIS: Southdale 16


Forty years after the Fall of Saigon, a young Vietnamese woman is among the Vietnam War's uncounted casualties. Born near fields where American planes sprayed Agent Orange, Thao lives with severe physical deformities. Halfway around the world, a woman in New York is struggling to cope after the sudden death of her famed younger sister. In the midst of her crippling depression, a friend shows Elizabeth a black-and-white photograph from a recent trip abroad. The image haunts Elizabeth. It shows Thao sitting in a wheelchair outside a shed that houses pig feed, fertilizer -- and books. Despite her disabilities, Thao had set up a makeshift library for children in her village. The photographer who captured the image had asked, “If you could have anything in the world, what would it be?” Thao replied, “Three hundred dollars, so I could buy more books.” Through this simple request, Thao and Elizabeth are brought together, forging an unlikely sisterhood, transcending language and culture. The two women reflect on the past and confront the present, changing both lives forever.